27 East interviews Dillon Kab

She may still be in high school, but Ross School student Dillon Kab has created a company that she hopes she can grow well into her college years, and beyond.

In the spring, Dillon established Connecs, a limited liability company that creates customized fundraising programs for nonprofit organizations. Connecs is responsible not only for developing and carrying out a program, but also furnishing websites, press releases and other materials to help market it.

Dillon’s first program, Ties for a Cure, raises money for the Max Cure Foundation, a pediatric cancer charity. She has been selling neckwear donated by Dr. John Brennan of Hampton Handmade Ties—the local orthopedic surgeon happens to have a tie business as well—at local events and stores for $25. Dillon donates 85 percent of the gross revenue to the nonprofit. Over the past few weeks she has already raised $2,000, which has gone directly to Max Cure’s Roar Beyond Barriers Program, which serves low-income families with children being treated at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital.


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